Tap the app, get a ride

Cabcar is the smartest way to get around. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And you can pay with either cash or card.

Choose how to pay

When you arrive at your destination, either pay with cash or have your card automatically charged. With Cabcar, the choice is yours.

You rate, we listen

Rate your driver and provide anonymous feedback about your trip. Your input helps us make every ride a 5-star experience.

There’s a ride for every price
And any occasion

Why Ride With CabCar?

We at CabCar, ensure that our passengers receive an excellent service. Your safety and comfort is our utmost priority and giving you every reasons to make CabCar your preferred of travelling anytime.

Instant Rides or Schedule Rides

Get your ride instantly or pre-book them at your finger tips.

Easy, Affordable & Efficient

Choose your ride type and our nearest driver will be on its way.

In-APP Rating

Happy with your ride? Rate your driver for 5 star service.

Fare Estimate & ETA

Before you book, get your estimated fare and ETA from the nearest driver.

Safety with Cabcar

All CabCar drivers are required to go through background check before being qualified as a driver in order to use our platform

CabCar ensures both drivers and passengers get to travel to their destination with full confidence.

Mobile App Safety Features

  • SOS button
  • Share live GPS location to your friends and loved ones
  • 24/7 tracking service
  • Store up to 6 emergency contact numbers

Safety Putting people first

Whether riding in the backseat or driving up front, every part of the CabCar experience has been designed around your safety and security.


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